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langbein 11-08-2005 02:03 PM

openSuSE 9.3--Floppy A: Drive icon will not open
Good afternoon Staff and Readers,
The Floppy A Drive classic-looking icon is one of 8 displayed when opening the "My Computer" folder on the desktop. If I highlight the icon this data is displayed:
<<Name: Floppy Drive>>
<<Type: Unmounted floppy>>
<<Modified: 1969-12-31 1600>> (langbein: where did this string arise?)

When I double-click this icon an error window appears immediately with this information:
<<The process for the media protocol died unexpectedly>>

In an adjacent pop-up window the following details are provided:
<< 0% >> (langbein: in the installation "progress" rectangle)
<< cancel>>

Once again, if LQ Wizards/gurus/readers can provide any options, I would be most appreciative!
Platform: open SUSE 9.3
Desktop: KDE
Control Center, Hardware Information displayed under Floppy Disk:
BUS: Floppy
CLASS (SPEC): Floppy Disk
CLASS: Mass Storage Device
DEVICE NAME: /dev/fd0
MODEL: Floppy Disk
OLD UNIQUE KEY: xjDN.oZ89vuho4Y3
unit: cinch
x: 350
y: 0
unit: sectors
x: 2880
y: 512
UNIQUE KEY: sPPV.oZ89vuho4Y3
bus_hwcfg: floppy
dev_names: /dev/fd0
NotReady: Yes <<<----(langbein: NOTE THIS ENTRY!)
Sincerely, :confused:
langbein :study:

fragos 11-09-2005 09:09 PM

I left my response in the original thread because there was no hot link to this new post. When moderators move threads they do so with links.

langbein 11-09-2005 10:40 PM

Floppy A: Drive icon will not open
Thank you Fragos for moving your correspondence to this new thread. I did not realize that I should have notified the moderator and asked for a link.

Quote:<Dispite that the floppy icon say unmouted it is actually mounted with file name /media/floppy/. I apologize if I misled you -- I told you how it's supposed to work and it didn't. I couldn't examine the floppy contents with the GUI but can using command line bash shell in a console /terminal window. 1st I put a floppy in the drive, it had some data on it and then:

Bash command "mount" told me it was mounted on /media/floppy

"ls /media/floppy" gave me the top level directory

"cat /media/floppy/ReadMe.txt" listed that text file in the console window.

"kate /media/floppy/ReadMe.txt" opened up a GUI window with the kate editor and that file.
There appears to be a bug.>

First an incredible development: I WORKED OUT THE "KINK" WITH THE FLOPPY A DRIVE! :D
Since your latest note (quoted above) indicated there another way "into" this "unmounted" floppy, which was really mounted, I returned to the root directory and opened the /media folder. Next after loading a floppy with an version 1.1 *.sxw file with text into the floppy A drive, I double-clicked the floppy subfolder in /media. Lo and behold the A drive opened and the floppy disk containing the *.sxw file was correctly displayed. I went on to create two new files in the floppy using the *.sxw word processor. When I returned to WinXP and opened the A drive floppy, both new files were present! Thus the A DRIVE OPENS, SENDS DATA AND RECEIVES AND SAVES NEW DATA CREATED IN SUSE.

I'll return soon and get some help with this new area: "using command line bash shell in a console /terminal window."

Thanks again for your support; I'm finally gaining a little confidence in this new "language" called Linux.

langbein :study:

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