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scarryharry 05-31-2008 04:40 PM

opensuse 11 and kde 4 widgets?
I just downloaded opensuse 11 the testing version that is out now and everything went better than I expected. However I am annoyed by KDE use of widgets. I can't stand them, what is worse there doesn't appear to be a way to shut the big magic widget maker in the corner off, nothing worse then having it sit there and pop out every time my mouse runs across it when i'm not even going to use the thing. Also I don't like the use icons that act as widgets instead of icons, I don't like hovering over an icon to see a transparent menu pop up. I was wondering if anyone has figured a way to disable these things. I looked everywhere and I couldn't figure out how to. I don't want to believe that KDE pulled a microsoft and put in "features" that no everyone is crazy about and then left no way to disable them. I just want my old desktop back where you could click and drag and select everything. I don't much care for gnome and xfce. Kde 3.5 wasn't as stable as I had hoped. I will bite the bullet and learn gnome if I have too I just really liked KDE. Is there an update to fix this, or is it permanate?


also if you've used kde 4 what do you think of the widgets? like them or hate them?

bigrigdriver 05-31-2008 07:58 PM

Well, OpenSuse 11.0 is in testing, and Kde 4.0 might need some tweaks too. The developers of both OpenSuse and Kde want feedback from users in re what needs fixing. So give them some feedback. File a bug report; send email; send them something to let them know that the ability to disable that feature isn't apparent or has been left out.

It might be something in Kde, and it might be the result of some tweak by OpenSuse. Communicating that deficiency to both camps should get you some feedback.

ilezjan 09-03-2009 07:21 AM

I would appreciate if someone would help to disable this 'widget maker'. It would be ok to disable whole dektop - did this once to hide trash icon, but on gnome.

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