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nobbean 04-22-2008 11:53 AM

OpenSuse 10.3 - Mouse moves to screen corners on its own
I have a Dell Latitude D600. I find that while typing my mouse moves to the bottom left corner of my screen while I type, and then it moves to the top right. I have to mash the touchpad for quite a while before it stops moving on its own. The problem then immediately comes back as soon as I resume typing. I am definitely not touching the touchpad while typing, and it even happens when I rest my fingers on the keys of the keyboard. I have tried disabling the touchpad from yast, but that has no effect. Could commenting out the synaptics section of x have any effect? I have a usb mouse that I use most of the time, but the problem persists whether it is attached or not. I really can't decide whether or not this is a hardware or software problem, but it is really starting to irritate me.

Thanks for any help!

bigrigdriver 04-23-2008 07:06 AM

Try changing

nputDevice "DevInputMice" "AlwaysCore"
Replace "AlwaysCore" with "SendCoreEvents".

You could also try disabling the touchpad in the BIOS.

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