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dickkniep2 12-31-2006 11:11 AM

NoMachine printing doesn't work
We are an ASP that provides a system for social security in Holland. To distribute our system we currently use GoGlobal from Graphon, but we want to switch to Nomachine.

We have SLES 10.0 with Nomachine installed (nxclient-2.1.0-11.i386.rpm nxnode-2.1.0-15.i386.rpm nxserver-2.1.0-17.i386.rpm).

When I try to login this works OK. When I try to print with local printing enabled, NoMachine adds a printer to Cups and designates it as my default printer. However when I start to print there is no output generated, and the printer says that it is busy. In the Cups management screen (that can't be used because of Yast restrictions) it says:

"Network host '' is busy; will retry in 30 seconds

I think there is a conflict with the way printers are created in Yast and in NoMachine and somewhere there is an authority problem, but I have no idea where. If anyone could help me here I would be VERY happy! (Heck I might even pay you!)

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