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SChipS 06-16-2008 10:26 PM

MPlayer appears to affect event sounds, unable to reverse assignment?
Dell Optiplex GX260
512mg RAM
Pentium 4 @ 2.00GHz

openSUSE 10.3
Gnome 2.20.0 build date 9/22/2007

Here's what happened:

I assigned Gnome-Mplayer as the application to open .wmv files in Firefox. This worked fine until I shutdown my standalone networked via DSL system. Next time I boot up I've lost my sounds for events, I use 4, one for log in, one for error, one for warning, and one for log out. All are .wav files I have been using successfully for 6 months or more. Not only that but now under Firefox Preference, File Types......Manage, Download Actions, I've lost reference to .wmv files altogether, .wmv is not listed in the left hand column anymore, it is gone, consequently it seems I am unable to reverse the assignment.

However, in using Firefox and coming across .wmv media Gnome-Mplayer is offered right up. I have no idea how using Gnome-Mplayer has affected my sound events but it has.

I might also add that using a terminal and going into my .wav file folder/directory I can play any .wav file via "play <filename>.wav". Also all other sound programs are working as they should the only affected area are those 4 system sounds under Sound Preferences.

Any ideas? And we're sooooooo close to openSUSE 11, 3 more days :-) But I would still like to know why.......

SChipS 06-17-2008 07:19 AM

The latest openSUSE update has just resolved this problem.

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