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R4ms3s 12-17-2006 10:12 PM

Monitor blanks with 10.0 ???
I am having a problem with Suse 10.0. I am currently dual booting Suse and Windows Xp so that I can play WOW on the Windows side. A couple days ago I switched over to Windows so I could play WOW and when I switched back to Suse everything loaded up like normal then when you are supposed to get the Desktop after startup my monitor goes blank. My power light turns yellow and all my option lights on the front start to flash. It is as if nothing is running. But my computer is still up and running. I tried Rescueing the disk same thing happens and I tried re-installing from my Source and same thing happens. Can some one help me please?

All my stuff is on the Linux side and I need some things.

Xian 12-17-2006 11:21 PM

When you say "everything loaded up like normal" does that mean you get to a login screen or does it fail before you reach this point? I ask because a failure prior to the login screen would indicate an issue with the X server, otherwise it would tend to point to a problem with your desktop session, permissions, etc.

R4ms3s 12-18-2006 03:32 AM

When I turn my computer on I see the Bios Screen followed by the OS selection screen, once I have selected SUSE I see the grub loader followed quickly by the GUI screen of it checking my HD, Harware, Keyboard and so forth, after that is completed then it goes blank and I get the said results.

I do not have a login screen I am master user, and it normally starts up as I just said and then it goes straight to my desktop, no login page.

I did not mess with anything, no settings, configurations or whatnot. I simply restarted as always to get Windows then once done with Windows restarted to get SUSE.

R4ms3s 12-23-2006 11:21 PM

Some one??? Any one??? Please it is imperative that I get this problem fixed!

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