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fizzdandantilus 11-17-2004 01:32 AM

kernel-source-2.6.5-7.src.rpm requires kernel-dummy to build!?
Hi all,

I am a recent suse user, however I have had experience with RedHat.

I have run in to a situation I cannot seem to find an answer to. I am trying to build a new kernel rpm from the kernel-source-2.6.5-7.src.rpm package from suse 9.1 pro. It has a dependency on a package kernel-dummy, which I cannot seem to find any where on the cd's or the net.

What is this kernel-dummy package? Where can I find a copy? Or, if i just omited it in the spec file, would that do any harm to my build of the kernel?

I suppose the reason I'm even trying to do this is because I want to enable KLIPS support in the kernel while keeping it as an rpm.

Any help would be appreciated.

rjlee 11-18-2004 04:00 AM

SUSE uses kernel-dummy to build their kernels internally (there's a README.SUSE file about this somewhere in the kernel package documentation).

You should be fine to override this dependency; if not, there's a spec file for the kernel-dummy package here:

fizzdandantilus 11-21-2004 10:06 PM

Your link seems to be a dead end.

Thanks for your reply though!

rjlee 11-27-2004 11:51 AM
Must have been taken down, but it's not hard to find the right file.

havokraft 12-01-2004 04:24 PM

I'm having the same issue, have you gotten anywhere with that kernel-dummy issue? I've tried rpmbuilding a dummy spec file as well and get the same results. What specifically is a kernel-dummy anyway?

rjlee 12-02-2004 12:48 PM

kernel-dummy is an RPM package used internally by SuSE in order to build cross-architecture kernels (there's some technical reason why they need to do this).
You'll find more information in the README.SUSE file in the kernel-sources package (/usr/src/linux/README.SUSE when installed).

Personally, I just install the kernel-source RPM and recompile my kernel by hand every time that it gets updated by YaST.

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