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jdevries 06-17-2005 06:04 PM

Intermittent inbound connection problems
I'm running various services (postfix smtp, dovecot imap, ssh, etc) on a SuSE 9.3 server on an internal network behind a router/firewall. On both the internal network, and externally (outside the firewall), everything *usually* works just fine. Every once in a while, however, every attempt to connect to a service is refused ("connection refused"). If you wait around for a while, and try again, it usually works. I was initially assuming it wasn't the router because it happened on both the internal and external networks, but then I realized even the internal network is going through the router to get to the server.

Could it be the router? Any suggestions?

Could it be the built-in firewall in SuSE 9.3? I could turn off the built-in firewall.

Any other suggestions?

SuSE 9.3, with built-in firewall enabled.
Router: NetGear WGT624


Jeff de Vries

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