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Moroshni 06-28-2005 10:46 PM

Installing Flac audio codec in suse 9.2
I just installed Suse Linux 9.2 from scratch. Im using the Gnome Desktop and i try to use XMSS to play my flac files but wont play (suprise suprise). I checked YAST and i already installed the Flac Audio Codecs when i installed the system...

Also the default player for them(totem video player) doesnt work playing them either. I thought everything would work since when i installed the system i checked the little flac audio codec boxes fromt the YAST program.

I go to the flac site and theres nothing there that helps. Theres Redhat and RPM's for other distro's but no Suse RPM. I read other threads on here abotu it and they say "use apt-get" and i dont have apt-get.

So What the hell? The audiocodec that yast supplys is total crap and doesnt work or the players that the distro comes with wont support hte codec? Or maybe I have to do something to make it work. Yet since i downloaded it for free theres no support...soooo anyone have flac working on there suse linux box?

abisko00 06-29-2005 04:45 AM

You could try to use the package that packman provides. Add a packman server to your installation sources and install with YaST. For a HowTo, have a look in the sticky thread about YaST update sources.

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