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ofvergara 10-14-2004 03:40 PM

How To Install A Usb Webcam [Genius WebCam on Suse 9.1 Personal]
hello guys,
i have started a topic on this issue in another great suse support forum (*.de)

the point is, that i tried to install a webcam on my suse 9.1 and don't know how to do it. i plugged them in and nothing happened. the suse hardware watcher didn't show anything relative to these models. i have read some articles on installing webcams, but they are applied to debian and redhat and the directory they work in for configuring the webcam differ with the ones in suse.

i have tried unsuccessfully to install the following webcam models (one at a time, of course):
- genius videoCam series v2
- genius videoCam NB

i have the installations CDs and drivers (but for LoseDoze) and i will appreciate if any of you had success when installing these types of cameras.

the chipset used by the genius webcam is ov511 (omnivision):

"Genius VideoCam Express V2
Bridge spca561a
Driver spca5xx (Works with spca50x driver)"

this is the hardware info i found...

however, some links on "webcam for linux" are way too technical and i had a hard time just following the "explanation" exposed there. :confused:

yesterday, i sent a message to the webcam manufacturer with a similar topic (webcam support for linux), this is their reply, which i received in my inbox today:

"I'm sorry but our web cams only work in windows for now" :mad:
"Unfortunately, the web cams only work in Windows at the moment"

geez!! such way to support open source!

Q1: :study: isn't there a guide for installing a webcam specifically made for dummies/newbies?

Q2: does anyone have a genius webcam fully working on their suse linux?
please let me know!!!

thanks in advance everyone for your comments

ofvergara 10-20-2004 02:39 PM

any clues?

has someone installed a working webcam on their suse pc?

if so, please reply...


glokraw 10-21-2004 04:04 PM

webcam install
go to

this is a v4l video for linux resource page, with drivers, links etc. Google advanced search
(choose language at first, broaden if no luck but seeking exact fileename etc )
using v4l, v4lin and combinations containing for example
v4l webcam driver suse 9.1 download 2004. ( which gives 2 pages of links to peruse)

remember, with linux, be prepared to sell or give away to friends/loved ones the
windows only stuff that is not yet supported, and go get something that win win...
lowers your stress by being nice instead of angry, makes you popular, and helps
the economy.

JeffW 10-24-2004 11:57 AM

I am trying to get a webcam to work with Linux too. I typed in webcams in the The Suse Help Center and checked out Chapter 20.5. They mention all of the Logitec Quickcam is compatible but also give a link to other compatible cameras. I haven't bought one yet to see if it works. They also mention the gqcam software for taking snapshots but I haven't been able to get that to load--may need the camera first.

trickster777 11-29-2006 12:09 PM

genius videocam express 2 works fine on linux!
Genius videocam express 2 works fine under ubuntu 6.06 dapper (using amsn). So i guess under suse should also work.

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