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glock356 06-14-2012 06:09 AM

How to create bootable USB for OpenSUSE Live KDE(or Live Gnome)?

I was dowloaded OpenSUSE 12.1 Live KDE and Live Gnome iso - downloaded via torrent in Windows 7.
On downloading site they wrote:

Live KDE
A KDE desktop you can run from CD or USB stick.

Yeah, OK.

I am trying to create bootable USB with Unetbootin and Linux Live USB Creator(LiLi) for both - no succes.
After boot from USB, there is a message - kernel image not found
No booting, just this message repeat endlesly until I reboot computer manualy.
The same iso files burned on CD with BurnImage boot and install normaly.
All this operations are made in Windows.

I am succesfuly created before bootable USB for Fedora, Ubuntu, Linux Mint...etc, only for Opensuse failed.
How to solve this problem?

Thanks for answers.

alfredo10 06-14-2012 07:20 AM

The problem is well known; if you have an installed openSUSE 11.4, you can use it's own USB-installer, 12.1 I don't know.
There are many different UNetbootins - I always use PartedMagic/ UNetbootin, the best of them,
but with openSuse it might be a problem.
With Therminal command "dd". I did it in the past with success, but at the moment i can't say how to proceed.
I'll search in the net and post again.

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