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twn2 01-12-2008 12:08 PM

How do I add RAID 1 to existing system on SLES 10
I'm running SLES 10 SP1. I have a mailserver with 1 drive in it currently. The other day my drive crash and I had to reinstall and restore my information. 4 days later, I'm back up. I don't want to do that again.

I have a choice between using my BIOS raid on my Asus motherboard or going with LVM in Yast. I'd prefer to go with LVM on Yast....for various reasons.

My plan was to put 2 more SATA drives on the board and create a RAID 1 with them. I take it I need to partition both of them exactly how my current drive is partitioned, correct? Right now /dev/sda is setup as /dev/sda1 = swap and /dev/sda2 = root or /.

After I do that to the other 2 drives, I would use LVM in Yast to create my RAID array with the 2 other drives.

Then I was going to "dd" my original drive to the array.

Once done, shut down, remove my original drive, then boot off the array. Am I going to need to boot off the SLES install disk to install a bootloader after I'm all done??

Did I miss anything? I spent a long time getting my mailserver back up and running and I would hate to have to do it again. I'm in a small office and email is critical (but isn't it always?)


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