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kevkim55 01-14-2006 02:05 AM

HAL/UDEV ! I need help to get them working !
I am lost and confused by the developments over hotplug, hal and udev. The changeover from hotplug to hal/udev has been so fast that appropriate documentation is not easily accessible. To make it worse, SuSE has changed the behaviour of hal/udev. In the end, I can't get what I want !
Here's the scenario:
I have installed SuSE 10.0 on the internal HDD of my laptop. At home I plug in a 300 gigs Maxtor drive thru' IEEE1394 firewire. I want to thave a 16 gig reiserfs partition mounted on /home whenever I plug it in. When I take my laptop out ofcourse with the Maxtor unplugged, I still have a working /home tree (As this directory exists on my root partition). WHen I get back home and plug in Maxtor drive all the files under /home that are newer than those on Maxtor get copied to Maxtor drive and then the partition is mounted on /home !
I have tried to do this thru' autofs. But, there is what seems to be a bug in SuSE's implementation of hal/udev. The format described in auto.master differs from what is described in man page. To make it worse, /etc/init.d/autofs script is not workable ! After having defined the auto.master maps and the associated map file the script autofs simply fails to work. I have tried both ways i.e. following the format described in auto.master as well as what is described in the man page. I have walked thru' the scrip autofs and obviously I've realized that it is not workable.
To circumvent the above, I created my own autofs script which passes the correct args to /usr/sbin/automount and it works. The downside - When Maxtor drive is unplugged the directory /home appears to be empty and thus is not accessible, cause automount is sitting on top of this directory watching it everytime it is accessed !
I know the only way out is thru' a udev script. I do not have any idea as to how this has been implemented in SuSE and it would take quite a long time to thru' all that source code !! :-))
Has anyone knowledge on the workings of hal/udev and can tell me where would I place my script which would do the copy and mount operation while, hal/udev will do the job of calling my script whenever the Maxtor drive is plugged in.
Thanks for any help that would come by.

abisko00 01-15-2006 05:57 AM

You seem to have far more background knowledge in this field than I have, but I'd suggest to use not the same mountpoint on both your external and internal drive. In this case a simple bash-script could do the job.

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