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janos 05-28-2006 06:35 AM

forget to install modules after recompiling kernel
Yes, yes. I did that stupid thing :confused: After recompiling kernel, and compiling modules with
make modules
i forget to put
make modules_installe
And now after I reboot system it stops becouse no kernel modulesare installed. Do you know the solution for my problem? When I try to run system from DVD (Rescue option) it is imposible to mount my partition with SUSE under main files structure "/"

In Slackware all i had to do in that case was
run system from CD with extra option which is "boot=/dev/hda1 (partition with linux system) noinit, ro"
that way kernel from CD was load to system instaled on hd.

abisko00 05-28-2006 06:52 AM

Try to run system repair:

If it doesn't help, you can try to boot a Live CD, mount the broken system and install the modules.

janos 05-28-2006 06:58 AM

Yast System Repair doesn't help.
And unfortunately i don't have live CD. But i though that my problem could be solve somehow with Suse DVD.

janos 05-28-2006 07:17 AM

And i wasn't wrong. To load kernel from DVD/CD to already installed system u have to:
1. boot system fro DVD/CD
2. Choose "Instalation"
3. In next menu from "other" option you can "load installed system" (maybe it says something similar, i'm not sure couse i use polish ver)

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