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Woodbadger 04-17-2005 02:22 PM

Disk Boot Failure after SuSE 9.2 install
HI - just installed Linux (SuSE 9.2 FTP install) for first time - total :newbie:

I have an AMD k6/2 400 based machine that had Win98 (NOT SE) on it. I wanted to just go for it and decided to tell the install process to remove Windows. I also (at partition time) told it to use the entire disk - so it got rid of all the Win-related partitions - I had no interest in keeping Win around!

Anyway, SuSE installed fine, with ONE exception!

When I start/reboot the machine I get the following (before I ever get to the Boot Loader)

Not found any [active partition] in HDD

the flower box above this shows the disk as

Pri. Master Disk LBA, UDMA 2, 10141MB

If at this point I put in the bootable CD that I used to start the install, the system now goes to tthe SuSE Welcome screen, and then he Boot Loader (GRUB) and allows me to select "Boot From Hard Disk" followed by "SuSe Linux 9.2" at which point everything seems to be fine.

From YAST, my partition info looks as follows:

/dev/hda  9.4G      AC310100B  Start 0  End 19649
/dev/hda1 494.1M  Linux Swap          0          1003
/dev/hda2 8.9G      Linux Native  1004        19634

The Boot Loader definition looks like this:

Boot Loader:                                  GRUB
Boot Loader Location:                        1. IDE, 9.4GB, /dev/hda, WDCAC310100b (MBR)
Disk Order:                                      /dev/hda
Default Section:                                Suse Linux 9.2
Activate Boot Loader Partition:          Suse Linux 9.2 (default), floppy, failsafe
Replace Code in MBR:                      Leave untouched
Backup Affected Disk Areas:              No
Add save3d MBR to BootLoader Menu:No
Save Method:                                  Save Only Changed Files

Can anybody help me get to the point where this will boot directly from the HD?


abisko00 04-17-2005 02:28 PM

Although I didn't know that grub requires an active partition, the first thing I would do is to set hda2 active. You can do this with cfdisk from command-line (set 'Bootable').

Woodbadger 04-17-2005 03:05 PM

Thanks for responding - but I don't get ever to the point where I have a command prompt. I failed to include the original

Not found any [active partition] in HDD
message in context. It appears as part of the following:

Verifying DMI Pool Data ...............
Not found any [active partition] in HDD

This does not even appear to be something that is generated out of LINUX. Everything that appears prior to it (HDD S.M.A.R.T, PCI device listing) was part of what used to appear when this box was a regular Win98 box.

I do not have an option to enter a command at the point that I get this error. COuld it have something to do with a BIOS setting needing changing, or m I just not understanding what you are telling me?

thanks again

Woodbadger 04-17-2005 03:43 PM

OK...I get it now!!
abisko00 ---- ignore my previous --- prime example of newbie-itis!!! After doing a bit more readin, I think I understand now what you were telling me!!! :rolleyes:

I rebooted, using the CD, got to GRUb, selected boot from hard drive.

I then logged in as root, started Konsole, ran cfdisk, toggled the Boot option on hda2 (just as you recommended - and then rewrote the partiiton table.

I got the error that it was unable to re-read the partitiion table, (as I expected), and to reboot.

On reboot = started up correctly!!

Thank you, thank you!

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