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exciton 10-12-2005 05:55 AM

Change Product Version After 9.3->10.0 Upgrade
I have recently updated from Suse 9.3 to OpenSuse using the method suggested on the OpenSuse site (Add OSS 10 respository, Update All). However, the Yast Online Update still states that I'm running Suse 9.3. I've change the version in /etc/Suse-release, but this still does not work.

Any ideas on how I can formally complete my upgrade? Thx.

Jongi 10-12-2005 06:05 AM

Sorry but this is not gonna answer your question:
1. Can you provide the exact link to the repository to add?
2. How much data was downloaded?

exciton 10-12-2005 12:48 PM

I did this

(Of course using the released version and not the development ones)

using one of the mirrors

All of the servers are very, very slow right now!! Also, if you use an "incomplete" server some packages won't be there to install.

In total, yast said 2GB, but I think that was the installed size. Actual download size was probably less than half.

Jongi 10-20-2005 06:52 AM

Once again not likely to help, but I have noticed that when I upgraded firefox through YOU the version number did not change. I am thinking that maybe SUSE always keeps the original version number of any program that is upgraded. Not right but that is what I think happens.

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