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nomko 10-29-2012 10:27 AM

Any tips and tricks on how-to make Suse 12.2 faster?
Anyone who has some tips/tricks on how to make OpenSuse 12.2 KDE run faster? I'm aiming at reducing some of that eye-candy stuff, faster booting, closing faster, memory usage...performance tuning.

Many thanks!

tronayne 10-30-2012 11:20 AM

If you're using either KDE or GNOME, switch to Xfce (much, much lighter and faster with a significantly smaller footprint). Don't uninstall either GNOME or KDE (you can still use the utilities, games, etc. from either of them in Xfce).

Shut off stuff you don't use (look in your system start up directories in /etc and, if you don't need it, don't start let start). This might take some manual reading. You can also do this in the system and user configuration menus in your window manage, don't need, don't use, shut it off.

If you're running KDE, shut off akonadi -- it's a hog.

Add RAM -- take it up to 4 G in a 32-bit box, say 8 G to 16 G in a 64-bit box; RAM's cheap and it's a go-fast switch.

Hope this helps some.

dwhb 11-02-2012 07:18 AM


Originally Posted by tronayne (Post 4818274)
If you're running KDE, shut off akonadi -- it's a hog.

How do you shut off akonadi? and nepomuk can be safely disabled? Do you do this right after installation? Another question re akonadi is that if its turned off, would I be able to import an LDIF address book from previous distro11.4 into 12.2's address book? It never showed up in the many attempts I tried to import. All it did was adding to a long list of 'Personal contacts' displayed in Personal Info


tronayne 11-02-2012 09:02 AM

You know, I don't remember exactly where the enable/disable setting is (I quit using KDE quite a while ago in favor of Xfce). I think it's in the system or setup menu where you can disable both of them but I'm not all that sure; however, disabling them isn't going to hurt anything.

And I've never used the address book in KDE (I keep all that in Thunderbird) so I can't tell you where or how, sorry.

So, basically, I'm useless today.

dwhb 11-02-2012 10:27 AM

Thanks for the reply. I'm glad to hear that akonadi, nepomuk and I assume stringi can all be disabled. Or better still, would it be ok to stop them from installing from the word go.

The reason I'm asking is because I will be installing suse12.2 for the 4th time within the week because all crucial programs & utilities died - Address Book, Firefox, Opera, MyComputer,Gimp, and no audio. I suspect nepomuk and akonadi are thec culprits. I'm now wiping my disk clean (with zero's) to start again. Firefox had a sudden death when only a link was clicked. With that MyComputer was not showing hard disks, usb can't be mounted or accessed, optical drives & printer not detected. Gimp never even started at all from the word go and Opera died with Firefox.


dwhb 11-03-2012 07:15 AM


Originally Posted by tronayne (Post 4820519)
I quit using KDE quite a while ago in favor of Xfce

Altho Xfce is within the installation DVD, I cannot select KDE and Xfce. How can I install Xfce afterwards? I have followed your good example and am staying clear of KMail. Have started Thunderbird as well. It does not seem to let me send messages with images within the body, even the ones I forward, the images get truncated. Apart from that, its a very neat mail client. Thankyou

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