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PiLgRiM 11-17-2004 09:03 AM

acpi fan module
I'm trying to get the fan speed to throttle on and off when necessary. I'm running SuSE 9.0 on an Asus Pundit. I've also noticed that the fan on my IBM Thinkpad also is constantly on. Can anyone help me figure out why it won't throttle off? I've got the fan module loaded, but /proc/acpi/fan has nothing in it.


Khanh Tran

abisko00 11-17-2004 11:29 AM

Hmm, I would blame it on acpi functionality of your notebook in general, not on the fan module.

On my desktop system, the fan is regulated properly, but /proc/acpi/fan is empty too.

Is acpid running on your system? How is the temperature?

On 9.0, I got good results using a combination of cpufreqd and cpudynd.

PiLgRiM 11-17-2004 11:58 AM

My laptop has 9.1 and I'm running 9.0 on an Asus Pundit. I just realized there is an asus_acpi module. Would this affect the fan on that box?

As for my SuSE 9.1 laptop, it's got kacpid running. I'm assuming that's via the kernel. I don't see a binary on my drive to load. I'm not sure how to check the temperature from the command line...

abisko00 11-17-2004 12:41 PM

Sorry, I mixed things up!

9.1 uses powersaved, which should be run exclusively (no acpid or cpufreqd activated!)

Maybe you could change the powersaving mode from performance to acustic in Yast-> System -> Power Managment

9.0 runs best with acpid together with cpufreqd and cpudynd (at least on my Presario 919EA)

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