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acummings 01-22-2005 04:05 AM

9.2 Pro KDE 332 suppl pkgs R froze on "keep"

Somewhere near 3 or 4 or 6 weeks ago I added the KDE supplementary ftp site into the install portion it's right by where the cd installation media is in there in Yast.

Then I had clicked add/install software then searched KDE then right clicked, chose all_in_list to update if newer is available then accepted and it did update, lots if not all KDE stuff to 3.3.2

Been working fine, cannot run any better than this!

Since has been a while, I thought I'd check it the supplementary for any new/newer. But most my packages are stuck on "keep"

But I've looked the sticky threads, tried refresh the supplementary ftp. I also turned off the cd disk source so that the supplementary is the only one available. And then, add/install and the KDE if not most packages are stuck on "keep" for some reason -- I mouse over a package and it says "not available for install"

Is something wrong with the Yast here or am I missing something or are others also affected like me like as if they locked the supplementary

Thanks. Alan.

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