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confused_bof 06-09-2006 07:32 PM

10.1 Poor performance on HD and network activity

Having more or less gotten the 10.1 update sorted now (except that I can't do online updates anymore using yast, smart whatever), I notice that performance is very sluggish when there is any sort of hard disk activity or network access from another pc (SMB)

For example, when a large file is being copied from another (WinXP) PC on the network to the Suse10.1 box, it is impossible to do anything on it. The mouse cursor almost locks up or is "jerky" at best (KDE). If a music file is playing on Amarok, it will stop while there's disk activity.

(ultra) DMA is active on the IDE hard disks (Seagate). AthlonXP 2400+ & 1G RAM

However, I do note that if I try to change the DMA settings on the IDE devices from Yast2 I get an error:

"An error has occurred While Activating the Changes. Cannot set required mode '%1' for device '%2'"

Oh how I love these really meaningful error messages. Sorry, I'll behave now.

So, while DMA is on, it cannot be changed from Yast2.

I suspect the performance issues, which are less than an endorsement of a premium multi-tasking OS, have something to do with the IDE settings. But I could be wrong, I often am.

Any help, anyone??


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