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andrew285 06-14-2006 07:16 PM

10.1 Failing to launch GUI
I posted a similar questions to this in the newbies area and didn't get a while lot of help from there. So I thought this might be a good place to ask. When booting up 10.1 it doesn't boot to the GUI interface. When I type in the command to start the desktop it errors out saying that it cannot conect to the Xserver. any ideas on what the problem is. If any further information is needed it can be found here.

XavierP 06-15-2006 06:15 AM

Please do not post the same thread in more than one forum. Picking the most relevant forum and posting it once there makes it easier for other members to help you and keeps the discussion all in one place.

If you think your thread would fare better in this forum, you should report your own thread and request it be moved.

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