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l0wt3ch 10-13-2012 03:35 PM

Studio 13.37 Updated
Studio 13.37 has been updated so that it ships with Service Pack 1 and other important updates already installed. As well, Seamonkey has been removed, and replaced with the latest Firefox.

So, as of today (Oct 13), the only packages a new customer might want to download are the Themes Pack and maybe Ciento's Super VST Pack. :)

l0wt3ch 11-25-2012 01:38 AM

Some of the software included in Studio 13.37 has been updated to keep it current, and there have been numerous bug-fixes and improvements.

Here's a list of changes:

- Added Aqualung for listening to music while running JACK, removed Audacious
- Upgraded Audacity to 2.0.2
- Upgraded Calf to 0.0.19
- Upgraded Firefox to 16.0.2
- Upgraded GetFlash to 1.1 and pBurn to 3.7.7
- Upgraded MuSE to 2.0
- Upgraded OpenOctave MIDI to OpenOctave Studio
- Upgraded Openshot to 1.4.3
- Upgraded Qtractor to 0.5.6
- Upgraded Rosegarden to 12.04 "Freedom"
- Upgraded Zynaddsubfx to 2.4.3

- Added menu entry that says "Download and install REAPER", which starts a script that does just that and then replaces the menu entry with one that just says "REAPER"
- Added the Gecko browser, to get rid of the "Do you want to install the Gecko browser?" message during WINE first start
- Made ROXterm the default terminal, even when opened in a ROXfiler window
- Added a couple VLC skins
- New wallpapers
- Updated "Help" page

Of course, this is in addition to the changes made in Service Pack 1, which fixed problems with saving to internal drives, updated the repos in the Package Manager, added some new GTK themes, updated the Flash installer, fixed the JACK Software Suite submenu so that it was persistent after running fixmenus, added a menu entry for fixmenus, updated the help page, and more.
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l0wt3ch 04-22-2013 12:33 AM

New version of Studio 13.37, April 21 2013
List of changes:
  • upgraded rt-kernel version to 3.8.4 PAE
  • added Ardour 3.1.10 with midi
  • removed MUSE - too buggy, but if you want it, you can still get it here (Slackware package, click to install)
  • all audio packages upgraded to latest
  • upgraded to Qtractor 0.5.8 and Rosegarden 13.04
  • updated lilv/LV2 stack
  • updated REAPER download/install script to 4.33
  • updated Multiple Sound Card Wizard, works much better :)
  • replaced GRUB Legacy with Legacy GRUB Config 2013
  • upgraded to sfs_load-1.9.6-2 for greater stability with 3.x kernels
  • replaced mtpaint and mtpaintsnapshot with Screeny
  • new integrated dark theme
  • thumbnails in the file manager
  • better "open with" selection, now nicely iconified, makes life easier
  • added more wireless firmware
  • updated Firefox to 20.0.1
  • updated Pburn to 3.7.18
  • changed OpenOctave menu entry to "beta"
  • new wallpapers
  • updated the Help file, fixed the links in wbar and icewm
  • added WINE shortcut to home folder for easy access to phony "C drive"
  • moved LV2rack and Zynjacku to "extras" sfs, as they require Python which is part of the "extras" package

Patched kernel sources:
32-bit md5sum
64-bit md5sum

Development sfs:

Thanks for your support!

l0wt3ch 08-01-2013 12:19 PM

Coming hot on the heels of the write-up in "Recording" magazine, a new version of Studio 13.37 with the following changes:
  • Updated to Ardour 3.3, Firefox 22, Pburn 4.0.3, Qsynth 0.3.7, Qtractor 0.5.10, and Rosegarden 13.06 "Imagination"
  • Added the Non DAW suite of applications, including Timeline, Sequencer, Mixer, and Session Manager
  • Edited /etc/eventmanager so that Studio 13.37 only saves at the end of a session, instead of every half hour after a save file is created
  • Made Aqualung the default music player, removed Pmusic from menu
  • Updated REAPER download/install script
  • Enabled tap-to-click and edge-scrolling on laptop touchpads by default
  • Added "shift-delete" and other keyboard shortcuts to file manager, more "Open With" options
  • Added gtk engines for new Slickness theme
  • Added file to system partition indicating whether version is 32 or 64 bit
  • And more!

Non Timeline recording Hydrogen:

Close up on latency - 1.3 ms on an old Acer Aspire:

l0wt3ch 08-24-2013 02:32 AM

  • tighter sfs integration with Shinobar's sfs-load at start
  • faster loading of desktop
  • better menus
  • new easier savefile system - usb stick comes with an empty savefile which gets written to automatically at the end of every session
  • Factory Reset - it shouldn't be necessary for a user to touch anything in their system files partition at all, unless he wants to resize the save file when it gets full. (If you use Studio 13.37 enough that your save file is getting full, you might want to consider installing it on your computer. Then you won't have to worry about save files.)
  • Firefox updated to version 23 from 22
  • added more info to the help page

l0wt3ch 09-16-2013 04:49 AM

- Updated to 3.10.9-rt5 kernel
- Upgraded alsa, alsa-libs, alsa-utils, alsa-tools, alsa-firmware, and alsa-plugins.

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