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l0wt3ch 07-24-2012 08:29 PM

Email inquiry - CD version of Studio 13.37?

A couple of clarifications before I purchase.

I'm building a fairly comprehensive virtual pipe organ. The front end unfortunately runs under windows but I have successfully run it in WINE. Sound is produced by (preferably) Linuxsampler/JSampler or QSynth. Reverb is provided by two instances of IR running in LV2Rack using true stereo impulses. So I'm very attracted to Puppy and have used it before. This setup will be the final build and I want something optimised for a task such as this. Studio seems to meet that need. How does this setup align with Studio?

The hardware installed in the organ is an older server. It has 1Gb RAM and dual Xeon 2.8 processors. All drives (3x) are SCSI. However, it does NOT boot from USB. Is studio available on CD or alternatively, do you know if there is anything that might stop WinImage creating a CD iso from the USB?


[name withheld]

l0wt3ch 07-24-2012 09:20 PM

Sorry, Studio 13.37 only comes on usb. If converted to an iso image, many features will stop working.

As well, it may not be suitable for your scsi server PC.

Perhaps you should try Puppy Studio 3.3-rt, from the creator of Studio 13.37. It comes with extra scsi drivers and is a CD-ready iso. (It does not, however, come with any support.)

Thanks and good luck.

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