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shivaa 01-29-2013 11:36 PM

Where to get latest gnome pkg for Solaris 10

I have Solaris 10.5 installed on a VM and I want to install gnome desktop in it.
Currently it has JDE (ofcourse pre-customized gnome) destop with following java version:-

~$ java -version

According to this guide, when I open "", it redirects me to this new link, and there I am not able to find following pkg:
gnome-2_0-fcs-solaris9-x86.tar.gz" package

Could anyone help me to find it.

Additional question: Is it possible to wipe out current JDE and install latest gnome desktop like in Solaris 11.1 or Debian?


jlliagre 01-30-2013 03:27 PM

As you have Solaris 10 installed, you have a newer version (2.6) than the one provided in the gnome-2_0-fcs-solaris9-x86.tar.gz package (2.0). Moreover, this package is for Solaris 9, not Solaris 10 so would probably not install anyway.

Despite the JDS marketing naming, there is no relationship between the JDE version and Solaris Gnome desktop which isn't coded in Java.

There is no trivial way to install a current release of Gnome on Solaris 10.

Compiling from the source code might be the only way and would likely require solid porting skills.

Here is a blog explaining how to do it:

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