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ssaha 07-21-2010 02:54 AM

Warnings on installation
I am using a desktop with 1gb RAM and pentium D processor.
Both the hard disk and the dvd drive are SATA..
I tried to Install OpenSolaris on my machine. I chose the first option from the grub..
After it shows the copyright license information, it gives the following output:

Remounting root read/write
Probing for device nodes
WARNING: /pci@0,0/pci-ide@14,1/ide@0 (ata2):
timeout: abort request, target=0 lun=0
WARNING: /pci@0,0/pci-ide@14,1/ide@0 (ata2):
timeout: abort device, target=0 lun=0
WARNING: /pci@0,0/pci-ide@14,1/ide@0 (ata2):
timeout: reset target, target=0 lun=0
WARNING: /pci@0,0/pci-ide@14,1/ide@0 (ata2):
timeout: reset bus, target=0 lun=0

And this goes on and on until I restart my computer...any solution to this problem would be appreciated...

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