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live_dont_exist 06-26-2005 12:54 PM

want to bring 2 ultra's on n/w
Hi Guys,
We have 2 Ultra machines in our workplace...they r both standalone and not connected to the network or the internet . We have root on both . So we wanted to put them both on to a network of their own . SO we got a crossover cable ; and connected the two machines . We assigned the two machines IP's of and with subnet masks of . We've added the entries in /etc/hosts and /etc/netmasks but neither machine is reachable from the other . Can anyone let me know what files I need to edit and how to do the same . A http:// will also do great.Awaiting a response...

Oh and by the way..the IP's are fine individually a ping -s on the same machine works fine and ifconfig -a does show me that the IP has been assigned . prtconf | grep -v not shows me dat a "network" instance is present thus howing me that a n/w card is present. Thats all I know..any ideas anyone:)


jlliagre 06-27-2005 12:52 AM

Are you interfaces up ?
Perhaps disabling autonegotiation is needed when using a crossover cable.
Have you tried to connect first the machines with a hub or a switch to make sure your network settings are correct ?

live_dont_exist 06-27-2005 12:33 PM

No access to a hub or a switch to test this..can you let m e know any other way I may be able to find out if my settings are okay . Do I need to add a route or something between the two machines.

jlliagre 06-27-2005 12:55 PM

Are you interfaces up ?
Have you tried disabling autonegociation ?

There is no need to add a route as both nodes are on the same net.

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