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UltraSoul 12-25-2004 03:42 PM

Sun solaris installation methods
I am very new to Sun solaris 9.0. I read the document for solaris9.0
I found there are two main installation instruction for installing Solaris9.0
One is Solaris Web start which uses Solaris SPARC Platform Edition DVD or Solaris SPARC Platform Edition Installation CD . Another one is Solaris suninstall program.
I am confused by the differences between these two installation methods.
And I installed Solaris9.0 by using suninstall program . But I did not sucessfully install Solaris9.0 by Solaris Web start program. The install process seems to hang during format my pc's harddisk. I refered to the document for Solaris installation insruction
which is as follows:
#ok boot cdrom [[- nowin]]
指定以 CLI 模式运行 Solaris Web Start 程序

I do not understand the meaning of nowin, I tried to type CLI replacing
[[nowin]], but failed. How to install Solaris9.0? And Some ideas for
partition hardisk if I want to construct a NIS server in my Sun Blade.
Some useful links can you tell me?

jlliagre 12-26-2004 09:01 AM

You can use either methods. I usually prefer the suninstall one (booting on CD 1 of 2).
-nowin option is to be used when for some reason, the graphic installation isn't suitable (e.g. graphic card not recognized), and gives you a console mode (text only) installation dialog.
It looks like you put a space before the nowin option, which maybe explains the garbage you got, try:
[code]boot cdrom -nowin/code]

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