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abohmeed 04-06-2013 03:07 AM

Sun Cluster question
Hello everyone
I've inherited an Oracle Solaris system holding ASE Sybase databases. The system consists of two nodes inside a Sun Cluster. Each of the nodes is hosting 2 Sybase database instances, where one of the nodes is active and other is standing by. The scenario at hand is that when any of the databases on one node fails for whatever reason, the whole system gets shifted to the second node to keep the environment going. That works fine.
My intended scenario:
Each node is holding 2 database instances, both nodes ARE working at the same time so that each one is serving one instance of the database. In the event of failure on one node, the other one should assume the role of BOTH database instances till the first one gets fixed.
The question is: is that possible? and if it is, does that require breaking the whole cluster and rebuilding it? or can this be done online without bringing down the system?
Thanks a lot in advance

scoban 04-07-2013 03:09 AM

It is possible but you have to make configuration changes both to your database and cluster.
Currently you have one Virtual IP which your clients connect to DBs.
This Virtual IP works on active cluster node. In case of failure other node takes over the virtual IP and your clients work without interruption.
If you want to make active/active configuration then, you need two different virtual IPs and this means configuration change in clients too.

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