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sanjee 12-05-2011 03:57 AM

Sun Cluster configuration issue
I am using VMware Workstation-7 on Windows-XP host .
I am trying to configure Solaris 10-X86 guest os based 2 nodes Sun Cluster .

I have added one extra Virtual Lan adapter on my VMware with another subnet (that I would like to put for SUN Cluster private communication).

Originally Posted by sanjee (Post 302579193)
vmnet0 - [Private communication] - Host only
vmnet1 - [Public communication] - Host only .

I have successfully installed Sun Cluster 3.1 on both guest Solaris system . Now while I am configuring 2 node based sun cluster , at the time of private cluster interconnection......It's detecting first cluster node private NIC interface (where I m running scinstall) , but remote Cluster node's private NIC interface is not getting on the list . Thst's why It's unable to setup on remote Cluster node . Thay's why /globaldevices [ufs based slice on both nodes] on remote node is also not working .

Now if I will set switch1 and switch2 as virtual junction , on this senario , how can I set it up .

sanjee 12-05-2011 12:07 PM

I solved 2 nodes connectivity issue , by adding another virtual Lan addapter .

NODE1-PRIVATE1 NIC <-> NODE2-PRIVATE1 NIC (in case of private communication)
NODE1-PRIVATE2 NIC <-> NODE2-PRIVATE2 NIC (in case of private communication)
But after rebooting the remote node . The cluster setup process not being competed on the first node , where I was running scinstall utility and the cluster status showing on both the cluster but error showing ....

node not in cluster mode
Is there any service needs to run after installing the cluster package and before node reboot . Please help .

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