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the expert 09-10-2008 01:42 PM

Solaris 10 can't connect to router and then internet
As of right now I'm running Solaris 10 and for some odd reason I'm not able to connect to the router, which is a huge problem for me right now. I know that I have to use a static IP so using DHCP is out of the question. I'm knowledgeable in Solaris, but this problem just seems to be stumping me at the moment, so any help would be appreciated.

Here is as much as I can tell you at the moment, if you need to see anything else to help you let me know:

NIC card: bge0
defaultrouter set to routerIP
/etc/hosts reads properly with loopback address and MyIP
nsswitch.conf reads hosts: files dns
resolv.conf reads properly with the two address I need

COMMAND: netstat -nr

Routing Table: IPv4

Destination Gateway Interface
default routerIP (empty)
##.##.##.## MyIP bge0
224.##.##.## MyIP bge0
loop back address loop back lo0

COMMAND: ifconfig bge0

bge0: flags=1000803<UP,BROADCAST,MULICAST,IPv4> mtu 1500 index 2
inet MyIP netmask MynetmaskIP broadcast MyBCIP
ether MyetherMacaddress

Thanks, X

eggixyz 09-10-2008 11:18 PM

Hey there,

Just to cover all the bases, check this out and then reboot. It may just be a goofy character in a file, so I'd suggest recreating your /etc/defaultrouter, /etc/hostname.bge0, etc.

This post has to do with changing host names on Solaris 9/10, but it covers the basics you should have to check out:

Also, have you checked the output of svcs -a and grep for disabled or cleared (may not be exact phrases). It could be that some of the services you need are disabled or not running. Solaris 10 has that whole service dependency thing going on so, sometimes, even if things look okay (run-level wise), they might not be.

Best wishes,


Rowley 09-11-2008 02:43 AM


Can you post full output from netstat -rn and ifconfig -a without removing stuff that might help diagnose what the problem is, for example ip addresses and subnet mask info?

Also what does route get give you and what happens if you try and ping the router and one of your dns servers? Also, what's the output from arp -a?

One more "also", why is dhcp out of the question?

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