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UltraSoul 10-21-2006 01:13 AM

NFS version incompatible issue
I have a share point /pub on the FC5.

I mount the /pub on my /test of solaris 10, I got the following problem.

# mount FC5:/pub /test
nfs mount: mount: /test: Not owner <<==

I googled it and found that the mount error is due to the NFS incompatible client version. In /etc/default/nfs NFS_CLIENT_VERSMAX is set to 4 which is default one on solaris 10.
I use NFS3.0 then mount the /pub into /test of my solais box successfully.

# mount -o vers=3 FC5:/pub /test <<==

Q1. I can set NFS_CLIENT_VERSMAX to 3 and reload NFS service then I can mount without vers option. But I wonder whether this change will effect mounting the shared filesystem of other solaris box.

Q2. How to confirm NFS version on linux box? Here is for solaris, Can someone tell me the linux-related question? Thanks.

jlliagre 10-21-2006 01:49 AM

Q1: The other solaris box will adjust to version 3.

UltraSoul 10-21-2006 03:13 AM


I encounter a new problem.
ultra10 has solaris 10 installed. I shared /pub as rw,everyone.

#showmount -e
export list for ultra10:
/pub (everyone)

The ultra10 is connected to a router.
# ping ultra10's global IP
ultra10 is alive

# mount -o soft ultra10_global_IP:/pub /mnt
mount to NFS server 'ultra10_global_IP' failed: server is down.

I suspect the router port forwarding is the RCA of the issue.

I opened port 2049,2061. But I also failed to mount the ultra10
FS into my linux box.

Can you give me some advices? Thank you.

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