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Hobbletoe 05-16-2012 11:54 AM

Issue logging in via SSH
I have an issue logging into a Solaris 10 box via SSH. As a normal user, when I go to SSH into the box, I am authenticated, and it runs all of the normal startup scripts (/etc/profile, ~/.bash_profile), but after leaving the .bash_profile, the system hangs and I never get to the bash prompt.

I enabled (briefly) root login for the server, and was able to login as root. Once in as root, I could su over to my account, and it goes straight through startup scripts to the bash prompt.

As this may be relevent, I enabled root login by creating an sshd_config file that allowed root login, and a script to copy it over to /etc/ssh (after backing up the original), and resetting the SSH daemon. I then loaded it via WinSCP, and used the 'Console' within WinSCP to run the script. This may be relevant in that I had no issue connecting to the SFTP server, which uses the SSH daemon, but I don't believe that it has to attach to a pty terminal ( 'ls -lLd /dev/pty' and 'ls -lLd /dev/tty*' all show permissions of 666 except ttya which is 000. These permissions match those of another server without this issue.)

I do not believe it to be a problem with my account as I would have the same problem when I went to su into it. I actually believe it to be a permission problem within /dev where I can't get a terminal to attach to due to some permission change that my co-worker dreamt up.

Any insight would be helpful. Don't particularly care to reinstall this box if it can be helped.


Hobbletoe 05-17-2012 08:10 AM

The problem has been corrected. At some point, most everything under /dev had been changed to 600. As a stop gap, I have gone and done a chmod to 666 on pts*, pty*, and tty*. When this still did not fix the problem, I hit up Google and found that SSH uses /dev/ptmx when connecting to the pts terminal. This was also 600. Once changed to 666, I was able to log into the system as a normal user.

Now I just need to figure out exactly how to wipe, re-populate the /dev directory so that the permissions are all proper.

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