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brainlesseinstein 07-15-2009 12:49 AM

Alternate root user

I want to create another user with the same rights as that of root but when that alternate user tries to switch to root, it is prompted to input the root password.

I can create a user with rights equal to that of root but I dont know anything about how it would be prompted for a root password when it tries to switch to root.


Disillusionist 07-15-2009 01:17 AM

Can I just ask why?

Why do you need a second root user?

If you need to run administrative tasks from another user account, look into using sudo.

brainlesseinstein 07-15-2009 02:11 AM

Well, I want to have several users with equivalent rights as that of root but they have to be identified by their own unique usernames so that any change made by them can be tracked.


atom 07-15-2009 02:21 AM

Really, use sudo. It was made for exactly this purpose.



jlliagre 07-15-2009 10:45 AM

Or, for a pure Solaris solution, remove root as a user account and make it a role instead.

This is the trend and the default configuration with OpenSolaris.

You can also grant limited privileges instead of the whole root stuff to these accounts.

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