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panduru 03-08-2005 05:11 AM

xorg.conf problem old monitor
Hi, I have just installed Slackware 10.1 and everything went fine until startx.
I have a 14" monitor which I think it does not support 24 bit depth.
I edited xorg.conf setting depth to 8 and 16 at 800x600, I even tried 640x480. It still doesn't work. I selected another xwm with xwmconfig but the result was the same.
The display is flickering. It's impossible to see anything.
I had a similar problem in Slack 8.1 but there it was easily solved by setting the depth in XF86config to 16. xorg.conf looks similar to XF86Config. I don't understand why making the same changes does not work.
Can anyone help me please. I'm a newbie and this is frustrating.
Thank you.

panduru 03-08-2005 09:20 AM

Problem solved
I managed to solve the problem with xorgconfig. I guess my video card was wrong selected.
Linux is fun after all.

galen 03-12-2005 11:34 AM

also try changing the vertical refresh rate to remove flicker
in the xorg.conf
I have an old monitor that claims it does 75 but in reality it only does 72Hz properly

to check what refresh rate you are running.
login to X and in a terminal type
that will display the specs

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