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TheStarLion 12-08-2009 12:15 PM

Some Slackware Install Questions
Alright. Here we go again.

This old laptop is being a pest again, so I'm putting Slackware on it.
And before I start, I'd just like to check some things. Hence here.

Firstly... theory: A partition with the contents of a LiveCD (extracted from the ISO, natch) could be used in the same way as a LiveCD, no?
And if so... what would need to be added to the GRUB (not GRUB2) bootloader, assuming I was using Slackware 13 CD 1 (Which is the install CD, if I read it correctly).

Secondly... Networking. I'm in the process of looking for a new WiFi card, but until I can get one, I'm stuck with an old one that has no native driver, and therefore requires ndiswrapper. Does this come pre-installed or readily available during/after installing? And if not (Though this should probably be in the main Slackware section) how easy is it to install?

Thirdly... I guess you'd like to know some details about the laptop, because I understand there's all kinds of possible odd options that might be needed.
It's an old Dell Latitude C400, which has no floppy or CD or DVD drive, one (damaged and not working) USB port, and no 64 bit processor. It's old, but it's served me well. If anyone needs a little more info, I'll try and find it out for you if I can remember how to do that on a Fedora 12 box - what it's running now.

Thanks in advance.
(Possibly further questions to come later. Sorry. I'm full of them lately)

colorpurple21859 12-08-2009 12:43 PM

create a /slack directory on the fedora partiton and download /slackware/kernels/hugesmp.s/bzImage Systemmap.gz and /slackware/isolinux/initrd.img and edit your grub point to bzimage and initrd.img file
1.format the drive partition you are installing to first.
2.mkdir /slack on the newly formated partition your are installing to and copy the files from slackware-13/slackware/* from a mirror or the iso's to the slack directory.
2.reboot seelect the slackware entry you create in setp one
3.during setup where it ask you to format the target partition you are installing to select no. a console in f2 and find where the target partition is mount so you can tell the installation where the /slack directory with the packages is located at.

TheStarLion 12-08-2009 12:48 PM

Problem at step 1: The partition being installed to also contains the bootloader, and therefore cannot be formatted.
What I want to do is replace F12 with Slackware 13. If that makes much difference.

colorpurple21859 12-08-2009 01:09 PM

I don't know then, have to have to think about that one. I think I've seen a post similar to yours about the same problem a while back, but don't remember what the solution was.

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