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harrylmh 11-07-2005 08:02 AM

Some pre-installation questions
I have three questions:
1) I want to download slackware but do I have to download all 4 CDs of the distribution?
2) How do I use md5 file?
3) what's the asc file for?

PHP Code:

 slackware-10.2-install-d1.iso     14-Sep-2005 06:10  638M  
-10.2-install-d1.iso.asc 15-Sep-2005 05:04  189   
-10.2-install-d1.iso.md5 15-Sep-2005 05:24   64   
-10.2-install-d2.iso     14-Sep-2005 06:10  645M  
-10.2-install-d2.iso.asc 15-Sep-2005 05:04  189   
-10.2-install-d2.iso.md5 15-Sep-2005 05:24   64   
-10.2-source-d3.iso      14-Sep-2005 06:11  658M  
-10.2-source-d3.iso.asc  15-Sep-2005 05:04  189   
-10.2-source-d3.iso.md5  15-Sep-2005 05:25   63   
-10.2-source-d4.iso      14-Sep-2005 06:12  665M  
-10.2-source-d4.iso.asc  15-Sep-2005 05:05  189   
-10.2-source-d4.iso.md5  15-Sep-2005 05:25   63 


Nylex 11-07-2005 08:21 AM

I'm not sure if you really need all 4 CDs, I don't think I used discs 3 and 4 for my installation of 10.1. They might just contain extra stuff.

For the md5 file, it should be just a plain text file that contains the MD5 sum of the relevant ISO. You can use MD5summer to generate the MD5 sum for each ISO and then compare that with the one given in the file. If they don't match, you'll need to re-download the file.

Not sure about the .asc file, as I've never used those.

harrylmh 11-08-2005 03:19 AM

Nylex, may I know what kind of installation that you used that doesn't require CD 3 and 4? Reason is I don't want to use so much bandwidth downloading so many discs.
PHP Code:

newbie    Use verbose prompting (and follow tagfiles)     
menu     Choose groups of packages from interactive menus     
expert    Choose individual packages from interactive menus     
Use custom tagfiles in the package directories     
Use tagfiles in the package directories 


Nylex 11-08-2005 03:26 AM

I usually go for a "menu" type installation as it lets you choose what kind of packages you want.

This is the first part of the README.TXT file from CD 4 of Slack 10.2:


Here's what you'll find on this disc:

The "pasture" directory containing things that have been removed from

Slackware but may still be useful to some people.

The second part of the Slackware source code archives.

And, ZipSlack. ZipSlack is a small Linux installation designed to run in a

directory on a Windows FAT or FAT32 partition. If you're looking to run Linux

in a DOS directory and avoid repartitioning, this is your starting point. A

ZipSlack installation may be expanded using installpkg and Slackware packages

to be as complete as you need it to be.
The source code you won't really need as CDs 1 and 2 contain the pre-built Slackware packages that are installed with installpkg (as used in the installation of Slack).


harrylmh 11-08-2005 03:34 AM

goody, I'll just download cd 1 and 2 then. thanks for your advice mate.

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