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THCsphere 11-27-2009 06:02 PM

Slackware64-Current from USB?
Computer Specs-


Mainboard :        Acer EM61SM/EM61PM
Chipset :        nVidia 6100V
Processor :        AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400+ @ 2800 MHz
Physical Memory :        3072 MB (3 x 1024 DDR2-SDRAM )
Video Card :        NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS 
Hard Disk :        Maxtor (123 GB)
Hard Disk :        ST340014 (40 GB)
Hard Disk :        WDC (500 GB)
Monitor Type :        Acer H233H - 23 inches
Network Card :        MV88SE614x PCIe to SATA2 controller Yukon 88E8056 PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Controller
Operating System :        Windows 7 Enterprise Professional 6.01.7600  (x64)

Issue -

Now, I'm not at home, otherwise i'd create a bootdisk on my slack laptop, I've got a 1GB sandisk and a 2GB 'cruzer" with that wierd software they put on it. I tried to set it up the same way I setup my windows from USB, and ran into BOOTMGR not found. Perhaps I'm setting it up wrong from windows. Anyone have an idea how I can get this setup? I know the steps from linux, but never tried from windows. Anything would be most appreciated. i'm installing Slack64 on my 40GB drive so I can test linux compiles. Unless someone knows if anyone has put slack64 into 3 ISOs like 32bit.

Thanks in advance.

business_kid 11-29-2009 04:36 AM

Instructions are out there for burning boot cds from windows on each linux distro's site.
Use one - then you're in linux.

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