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darkfame 12-31-2003 08:12 AM

Slackware 9.1 rootdisks broken?
It seems like the setup script on the rootdisks are broken.
I've created a bare.i bootdisk, and two rootdisks (install.1 and 2).

I want to do a network installation, I've loaded the correct NIC module (from the network.dsk image disk), set the source (NFS mount) and target (/dev/hda1). But setup fails when it's about to start the package installation, a script error scrolls by several times, and a dialog box says installation is complete.

If I look at the syslog outout on Alt-F4 I see some mount errors (bad fs type, super block...). When I check what file systems that are mounted, /dev/hda1 is mounted on /mnt and the NFS is mounted on /var/log/mount, and accessable (Slackware 9.1 Disk 1). Seems to be no problems there.

The script error scrolls by fast before the "Installation Complete" screen... but it says something like /mnt/etc/fstab does not exist. ....The script somehow failed to create the "skeleton"?

This seems like a script bug to me, but it could be me doing something wrong too.

Any ideas?

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