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rwdaigle 04-13-2004 11:40 PM

RAID setup on install?
I've decided to install Slackware 9.1 after having played with RedHat the past few times. As I want to really get to know and learn Linux, I hope I've made the right choice.

I have a machine with (2) 120 GB drives and want to set them as RAID, just a simple mirrored setup. The only guide I've found is here:

I believe I followed it pretty much to the T, but when I try to boot up for the first time it just gives me a "grub >" prompt and doesn't load the ataraid kernel I loaded onto /dev/hdc1 as part of the install process. This would seem to be indicative of a lilo.conf error, yes? Could grub be left over from a previous Linux install on /dev/hda? I know I told the installer to write lilo to the MBR, is this all I need to do to get it to boot into Slackware?

I know this isn't much info to get a proper answer, so I guess my real question is does anybody know of a more recent guide to setting up raid? Or should I just do a normal install and worry about raid later? I tend to like to do things right the first time....

Thanks in advance.

gnashley 04-14-2004 02:54 AM

Sounds like just a boot problem. grub seems to protect the MBR, not allowing lilo to write itself. i think you need to wipe out the MBR and then rerun lilo to install it.
This should wipe the MBR for hdc1:
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hdc1 bs=512 count=1

rwdaigle 04-14-2004 03:47 PM

I think that did it (along with remembering to set my BIOS to boot to the 2nd disk :) ).


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