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centr0 04-16-2004 02:20 PM

monitor/mouse trouble startx
so i got slack 9.1 installed on the pc. and i always have problems on this PC in starting X.

my monitors refresh rate is whacked. i look at my horizontal and vertical settings and entered them correctly in xf86config.


ive also tried other values..and every time 1 of 2 things happen..X doesnt start at all and i get a error message in the console, OR x starts with a whacked refresh rate and mouse tweeking and stuck in the corner. when x starts i can really do anything without the mouse so i log out. then i get this message from my monitor itself:

"22.5Hz / 28.0Hz Freq out of range"

after this i have to press the reset button. ctrl+alt+del doesnt work. its like the computer died. lol.


my vid card is ati radeon 9700

below are the links to both my xf82config file and log.

they were too long to post here..
thanks in advance for the help =)

centr0 04-16-2004 04:07 PM

nm got it fixed. installed ATI drivers and all is well.

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