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markj99 11-11-2004 11:57 PM

KDE 3.2.3 KControl: missing colordepth option?
I upgraded to Slackware 10.0, with KDE 3.2.3, and need to set the XDisplay color depth to 256 (8 bit). In an earlier version (3.1?) of the KDE, the KControl center menu had an option to change the X Display color depth (Peripherals-->Display).

In version 3.2.3, there isn't such an option. It allows one to change the display resolution, but not the color depth. I can work around this by changing the xorg.conf file (defaultdepth 8) or via command line "startx -- -fbbpp 8".

However, I'm wondering what happened to the more user-friendly KDE menu opiton. Did it get dropped by mistake, or moved elsewhere?

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