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drmozes 12-04-2019 11:28 AM

Trimslice u-boot upgrade

Does anybody have a Trimslice and uses Slackware ARM on it?
I'm trying to upgrade U-Boot to the latest version without success. The version required for Slackware is the vendor's final version, but it's now ancient and doesn't support ext4 filesystems (amongst other things).

In theory it should be a case of building it as usual (make trimslice_defconfig ; make oldconfig ; make), and writing it to the SPI flash from within u-boot itself.
The original build instructions are straight forward (although they weren't using mainline u-boot) and don't indicate that anything special needs to be done to accommodate being in the SPI flash.

So far I've produced nothing that boots!

I have looked at this too, but I can't get the tool to work yet - although I only want a flashable image rather than a tool to do it for me.
There are only a few u-boot commands to flash it.

drmozes 12-06-2019 09:02 AM

Almost there. I have it booting, but the PCI support isn't there. I'll have to contact the U-Boot people for that.

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