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Exaga 12-21-2013 08:06 AM

rTorrent 0.9.3 for Slackware ARM on a Raspberry Pi
Anybody whoīs running Slackware ARM on their Raspberry Pi and is interested in running a BitTorrent client, with virtually no overhead, should check out rTorrent.

Weīve created a HOW TO guide (for those who need it) to assist with installation and setup of rtorrent:

If you have no need of the guide and just want the necessary packages they are available here:

The libsigc++, libtorrent, and rtorrent packages available in our guide have all been created using scripts (many thanks to alienBOB <3). The rtorrent client has been thoroughly tested over the past 7-8 days and has performed flawlessly, without any errors. A Raspberry Pi model B (Micron RAM) version was used intentionally for testing because thatīs the one which seems to give most problems, but there hasnīt been any! (Itīs surprised me, to say the least!) :D

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