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Exaga 12-09-2013 06:50 PM

RPi Slackware ARM installer updated to 3.10.22 kernel
Weve tested and updated our existing Slackware ARM installer with the 3.10.22 kernel, modules, and latest boot-firmware from the official RPi GitHub repository.

Tested means the installer was used on 3 different versions of Pi; with Samsung, Hynix and the latest Micron, RAM. The Micron RAM version (these have an M printed on the CPU) gave me, in particular, some troublesome moments. I still find it hangs on reboot occasionally (and it does this with all OS?!?!) but I simply power off/on and that solves it. There were no issues with the Samsung and Hynix RAM versions of the RPi. These two worked perfectly throughout the entire testing period, as always.

The SARPi guide has also been updated to relfect small changes in the Slackware ARM 14.1 installation process.

The new installer and packages are available here:

Hope its useful. :cool:

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