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justwantin 03-30-2021 04:13 PM

RockPro64 questions
I am considering purchasing a RockPro64 for an installation in my shop. I would like to know if anyone has slackwarearm experience using an hdmi touch screen with this board as well as if they are using the ROCKPro64 WIFI 802. 11AC BLUETOOTH 5.0 module for wireless connectivity.


mralk3 03-30-2021 04:36 PM

I do not have the touch screen. I do have that module and it works as expected. I haven't played with bluetooth. WiFi works well.

EDIT: Honestly, the only hardware that has been difficult is finding a serial adapter that works with it in both 115200 baud and 1.5Mbps baud rates.

Emerson 03-30-2021 04:41 PM

Never heard of HDMI touch screen, touch screens I have seen had serial port or USB connection, there are also I2C touch screens. But HDMI? Can you provide a link to its documentation? I'm most curious. Thanks.

justwantin 03-30-2021 05:11 PM

I've come across hdmi touchscreens on amazon and ebay. Most often seen is a 7 inch model compatable with raspberry pi's. Here's a link to a mob here down under selling them. I'd be more inclined to using this model also available here down under.

Emerson 03-30-2021 05:20 PM

This has USB touchscreen. Touchscreen really is not a part of monitor, it is just an input device which happens to be attached to the monitor and shares the power supply with it.

Edit: you should not fall for these bastard terms invented by sales people. Like "wireless router", wireless has nothing to do with routing and vice versa, they are not even on the same OSI layer. Yet, there are wireless routers on sale. Technically it is possible to use HDMI cable for serial signals, like it is in case of HDMI-CEC. This requires hardware support for this on both sides. I thought we are facing similar technical solution here, somehow touchscreen serial signal is mixed into HDMI. Made me curious.

justwantin 03-30-2021 05:33 PM

I am confused. In the second link I provided that mob from Perth claims their 13.3 inch screen is capacitive touch and if one scrolls down the page one would come to a picture of a finger being used to select a menu item.

Emerson 03-30-2021 05:50 PM

How this is confusing? This is what input devices are for, you can also use a mouse - which is also an input device to choose menu items, couldn't you?

justwantin 03-30-2021 06:09 PM

Nah ........... I'm asking about anyone having experience with an hdmi touchscreen on a rockpro64 and I provided some links. Maybe I don't know what defines a touch screen. However if it provides a graphical interface and one can touch it to make selections, maybe have a virtual keyboard, etc. I would think it was a touch screen whilst you wrote:

This has USB touchscreen. Touchscreen really is not a part of monitor, it is just an input device which happens to be attached to the monitor and shares the power supply with it.
So those 'whatever they are's' I provided links to are not touch screens? What might you call them?

Emerson 03-30-2021 06:21 PM

OK, answer a simple question. You have HDMI monitor. And you have USB mouse. Can you use this USB mouse and select menu items on your HDMI monitor or you need HDMI mouse for this?

justwantin 03-30-2021 06:32 PM

OK I surrender! ..... LQ sage ...... 6,960 posts and counting .... I'm just a grasshopper..... sigh

Maybe I should have directed my question to folks who believe that these things advertised as hdmi touchscreens are really hdmi touch screens and who also may have used one of these supposed touchscreens on a rockpro64.

nuf sed

Emerson 03-30-2021 06:42 PM

Well, if you want to make it work in Linux (or any other OS) then you have to use USB input driver and USB cable. You can't make it work over HDMI because this touchscreen has nothing to do with HDMI.
I'm giving up, too. Perhaps someone can explain this better than I can.

justwantin 03-30-2021 06:48 PM

6,921 and counting .... I'm impressed.

michaelk 03-30-2021 07:53 PM

For clarity, typically the touch part of the monitor is actually separate from the display part. The touch electronics are layered on top of the glass LCD and the actual interface to the computer can be either USB, I2C or at one time even a serial port. Both links you provided in post #4 use both USB and HDMI cables connecting to the SBC.

The description indicates that it works with popular "mini PCs" but there is a driver so would assume that you would need to install it if running slackware arm. I am not familiar enough with slackware arm to know how to install it.

Capacitive sensing is just one type of technology that is used in touch screens, resitive is another common type.

justwantin 03-30-2021 09:09 PM

@ michaelk
Thanks that's really nice to know ..... and if I needed to know it I could have undertaken an internet search. However what the original purpose of this post/thread was to ask if anyone had used anything 'held out in the market' as an hdmi touchscreen. Maybe I should have clarified it with all that usb, etc stuff but the ones I linked to are 'held out in the market' as hdmi touch screens ... silly me ..........

Emerson 03-30-2021 09:22 PM

Thank you, justwantin, for entertainment.

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