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JamesGT 03-25-2021 10:12 AM

Lenovo C630 WOS?
Any have any luck, or even attempted, installing or using Slackware ARM on the Lenovo C630 with the Snapdragon 850?


louigi600 03-26-2021 04:34 AM

I got Slackware on a snapdragon 600 IFC6410 ... back then the 4 cores @1.7Ghz looked promising ... but the whole experience was so disappointing that it's collecting dust ... the RPi4 even if slightly slower clock is a better user experience.
Back in 2016 I think I used kernel from linaro and Stuart's miniroot to get going.
Unfortunately I was so disappointing that I did not document what I did and now I've forgotten all the details.

JamesGT 03-26-2021 10:05 AM

I am wondering how the performance will be. Looking up reviews of the C630 they say it's "ok", which hopefully means "good enough" for linux.

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