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akschu 01-03-2020 02:08 PM

Installing slarm64 on a Raspberry PI 4
Here is the original post:

This is a link to a slarm64 where I add a few of my own packages:


This is a complete pi4 kernel package and contains the kernel, the modules, the raspberry pi boot code, and the raspberry pi firmware. It was compiled using the official raspberry pi kernel source available at: and uses the default settings in "make bcm2711_defconfig" with the exception of disabling PREEMPT. This is done to make sure that this kernel will work with the ZFS modules.


This is the "make headers_install" from the above kernel build which insures that you can build userland software for this kernel.


This is the kernel source as it was at the end of the build.

This allows one to install slarm64 on a pi4 and have everything they need to build modules. Including ZFS:

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