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bl0tt0 10-18-2006 02:23 PM

zeroconf support in KDE
I'm interested in getting the version of Amarok distributed with Slackware working with itunes DAAP Servers. I've done some reading on it, and I've been able to connect to itunes over my home network, but I needed to put in the network address of that machine manually in order to get it to work. From what I've read though, I ought to be able to get Amarok find itunes libraries on a LAN through the zeroconf functionality of KDE. KDE in Slackware isn't built with this functionality.

Again, from reading the KDE support, I should be able to make this work if I recompile the KDElibs, and possibly kdenetwork, after installing Apple's mDNSResponder and setting zeroconf flags.

I'm still relatively new to Slackware, and this seems like a lot of steps to get this feature working, and a lot of bracktracking if it doesn't work out. Has anyone on the forums got this working on Slackware, and if so, what were the steps you followed?

Thank you

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