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athanatos 08-30-2006 05:26 AM

"xv" video driver not working in slackware-current

I am running Slackware Current with the kernel from /extra. My system is up to date with the latest Changelog entry (Tue Aug 29 06:24:26 CDT 2006).

I have an Intel 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Device, I am using the i810 driver from xorg.

When I use the "xv" driver in xine I get a blue screen, and when I try to play a video the screen remains blue. I am able to use the "opengl" driver in xine without problems, but "xv" is standard in a lot of video programs (for example gxine and noatun).

The "xv" driver was working great on Slackware 10.2..

You can have a look at my xorg.conf here:
Here is a screenshot of xine with the blue screen:

Any ideas?


Fluxx 08-30-2006 08:02 AM


I experienced the same behaviour with this kernel (, default slackware kernel, no changes made). No XVideo-Extensions. I made no changes in my xorg.conf. My video chip is ATI Radeon X300SE in a notebook.

With the kernel before this one there were no problems. I just downgraded to the old kernel.

"xvinfo" gave me that there are no adapters present for xvideo extensions.


athanatos 08-30-2006 11:46 AM


If this is a kernel issue, it should be possible to fix it by recompiling the kernel, shouldn't it? I wouldn't mind to do so, but I have no idea, what modules etc. are required for xv..


Fluxx 08-30-2006 04:41 PM

I reinstalled the Slackware kernel again and added the following line to my /etc/X11/xorg.conf:


Section "Device"
    Identifier                          "ATI Graphics Adapter"
    Driver                              "fglrx"
# === Video Overlay for the Xv extension ===
    Option "VideoOverlay"              "on"

Now xvinfo gives me the correct output, that XVideo-extensions are present and I can use xv-driver in mplayer/xine/gxine again.

So far my experience ...


athanatos 08-31-2006 03:27 AM


I reinstalled the kernel, but it made no difference, I am still getting the blue screen in xine and any other video app that is using xv.

Adding Option "VideoOverlay" "on" to my xorg.conf does not solve the problem nor does adding Option "XVideo" "On".

I think I have a different problem. "xvinfo" tells me that it is able to find adaptors. You can look at the output of "xvinfo" here:

I have no clue how to solve this problem.


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