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Paulo2 05-19-2017 08:57 PM

Xfce terminal doesn't change theme in -current, is stuck in Adwaita.
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Hello to all. I like to use Xfce-4.6 theme but now Xfce terminal is stuck with Adwaita in -current.
I don't remember exactly since when but at least before the last two -current updates.

Besides there are two other issues with Xfce terminal.
One is that when editing some file with vim, a black background appears between text
when I scroll down. I use blue colorscheme in vim.
Other is, I could scroll terminal up and down with shift+up/down arrows,
but now it doesn't work.

It happens with all users, and with one user I removed Xfce configuration directories in ~/.config,
but it didn't help. I also ran 'slackpkg reinstall xfce' but again didn't help.

Thanks in advance for any help.

rkelsen 05-20-2017 06:07 PM

Possibly connected to this:

Paulo2 05-21-2017 12:14 AM

Thanks for the answer. Maybe it is related, but it seems the problems are different.
I just installed a -current VM in VirtualBox from AlienBob -current iso,
and the problem is reproducible in an installation from scratch.

Start the first Xfce session, it will start with Adwaita theme.
Then change to Xfce-4.6, Thunar for example will change to new theme,
but Xfce terminal won't change.

vim "black background" in Xfce terminal.
Open a file in vim, 'vim /etc/ntp.conf' and then change :colorscheme blue
then scroll down with 'j', the blue background between text lines will turn black.

Other problem is that shift+up/down arrows don't work anymore in Xfce terminal,
it used to work before. crtl+shift+up/down arrows do work.
I don't know if some Xfce terminal configuration changed.

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